about me


My name is Mona-Lisa Klavus and I am a potter. I make beautiful things for you to use in your daily life. After taking watercolor, drawing and porcelain painting classes back in Finland I was delighted to find a pottery studio with classes when we moved to Australia.


I have fond memories of tagging along to my mothers pottery classes as a child in a freezing cold old school. I straight away fell in love with the clay. The idea of actually making something functional and beautiful from a lump of clay is just mindboggling.


I started of like any one getting in to pottery by making pieces for me to use in my kitchen on a daily basis. Very soon my friends started asking for my pots and that is when it all started, I moved on to market stalls and straight away some of my work got picked up of one of the shops here in Sydney. I work from my home studio almost every day. I hope my pottery work bring you as much joy as creating them brings me.